MarkUp Magazine

MarkUp Magazine was a digital publication developed by “”, initially targetting Game Development in general and quickly moving to become focused on the ‘Game Maker’ IDE and the Game Maker Community.

MarkUp was published between March 2007 and November 2008, initially with a regular monthly schedule. The Magazine positioned itself as a largely technical magazine, mostly targetting the more technical members of the Game Maker Community. The project peaked towards its end to include several regular writers, individual contributors, 300 regular subscribers, and a monthly readership of more than 3,000.

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Below is a list of issues of MarkUp Magazine:

Issue Date
Issue #
PDF Link / Notes
March, 20071pdf
Pilot issue of MarkUp Magazine, mainly released as a proof-of-concept for a magazine centered around the Game Maker Community. While the writing, grammar, and many aspects of the magazine had not yet matured, you can still see facets of what MarkUp was to become. The issue features attempt to appeal to the more technical Game Maker audience by discussing GML scripts, game design, etc.
April, 20072pdf
A new layout that would last for several issues was introduced. Content is mainly focused on Game Maker, but some attempts to include other programming languages can be seen, with a short segment on PHP and a hello-world C++ tutorial. Perhaps the ultimate problem with appealing to other langauges/tools was that the project lacked any skilled contributors in those aspects and couldn’t expand serious game development content past “hello world”. Apart from embarassing attempts to venture into other languages, Issue 2 was received by the Game Maker Community as a solid improvement over Game Maker publications of the time.
April, 20073pdf
Content and focus further mature, one of the last issues where we see significant deviation from Game Maker content.
June, 20074pdf
With Issue 4, MarkUp already started growing its writers’ base, focusing mostly on technical content. Issue 4 was the first strictly-Game Maker release. Issue 4 introduced content on scoping, CSV storage and parsing, and trigonometry, to the largely novice Game Maker Community, beginning a trend of teaching and popularizing technical ideas to the younger, hobbyist audience.
July, 20075pdf
Notable content includes: Arrays vs. Lists, AI: Clever Opponent, File Search Functions, Game Maker and the Registry, Instant Collisions.
August, 20076pdf
Continuing at a constant ~30 pages per issue, Issue 6 was a packed issue with great emphasis on techncial tutorials.
September, 20077pdf
Issue 7 features a new layout and more technical topics, exposing a wide range of topics to the Game Maker Community, such as cellular automata, level editors, speeding up games, and publishing commercial games as an independent Game Maker developer.
October, 20078pdf
MarkUp Issue 8 was the “Spooky Special” October release. The issue includes new types of articles: development journals from authors of promising work-in-progress games, and “The Making Of...” articles detailing the development of notable games.
November, 20079pdf
Issue 9 included a lot of content, but perhaps the most notable inclusion is the announcement of the MarkUp hosted “Game Maker Race” competition. The competition was a collaboration with another Game Maker Magazine, ‘GMTech’.
December, 200710pdf
MarkUp Issue 10 was the “Holiday Special” December release. The issue includes reviews by very prominent Game Maker developers and community members, narrowing down the entrants of the “Game Maker Race” competition.
January, 200811pdf
The January 2008 special edition. A mini edition with a revised layout, mainly to release the results of the Game Maker Race competition. The edition also continued development journals and postmortems on notable Game Maker games.
March, 200812pdf
The March 2008 issue is the one-year anniversary issue.
April, 200813pdf
In retrospect, Issue 13 was perhaps the beginning of the end. The content was very well received by the community (apart from a cringe worthy editorial by me, which thankfully largely went unnoticed), yet the editors and staff were beginning to run out of steam, it appears.
August, 200814pdf
November, 200815pdf
Final issue of the magazine.